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"The fastest draw is when the sword never leaves the scabbard."
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Featured Goods
Wudang Saxie Taoist Shoes
Wudang Saxie Taoist Shoes - $34.99
Shaolin Sengfu Haiqing Robe
Shaolin Sengfu Haiqing Robe - $79.99
Chinese Cloud-Hook Shoes
Chinese Cloud-Hook Shoes - $69.00
Bagua Sword
Bagua Sword - $414.00

Quality Martial Arts Brands

Paul Chen / Hanwei    Cold Steel    Masahiro    RevGear    United Cutlery    CRKT    Musashi    Macho    Rittersteel    Bushido



New Goods     Added often!

Japanese Kimono
Japanese Kimono - $100.80

Zatoichi Wood Folded - $420.00

Solingen Rapier - $295.00

Torino Main Gauche, Antiqued
Torino Main Gauche, Antiqued - $111.00

$25 and under

Wushu Steel Tai Chi Sword
Wushu Steel Tai Chi Sword - $22.00

Japanese Steel Fan
Japanese Steel Fan - $22.00

Wood Training Gun
Wood Training Gun - $7.40

Kung Fu Socks
Kung Fu Socks - $18.00


We will match or better most prices.

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